Have you ever gotten lost and needed a compass to find your way back?

Magically, this writer was found, months later,
in a different town,
in a better home,
closer to college,

with a smidgeon of wisdom and hope.

The agony, angst, despair seemed to have washed away,
similarly to the sand off the snow-laden roads of Mass. this past winter.

Magically, this writer was held together by
steaming coffee, giggles and warm blankets.

The green grass is growing while buried under the snow–
despite the forces of weather, cars speeding
and the disgusting potholes swallowing cars’ axels.

Until we meet again.


The night before…

Welcome to my followers. I have yet to switch over to I was shocked & pleased to notice people are still reading my work. Thank you a.k.a. Nakummek in Inuktitut. I am blessed and grateful. (Showing my age, the jumprope song ran through my head, “Not last night but the night before, 24 robbers came knocking on my door,” when I thought of this title. Note, I keep a sense of humor in this wacky world.)

I am getting ready for tomorrow’s 9 to 9:30 a.m. speech by Secretary Richard K. Sullivan, Jr. at University of Massachusetts Amherst. The link is

I’m happy my alma mater is going to host this one-day event. The world is not getting any better. Climate change is real and newsworthy.

I am not director or head of a municipality or an energy official, obviously, though I do believe it should be covered to the best of my ability. My gear is packed.

I was alerted to this event from email and am happy to be on their mailing list. They’ve worked hard to help raise awareness and collaborate with other non-profit agencies & concerned citizens to stop KinderMorgan Inc.(KMI), Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co., El Paso Pipeline (EPB) from installing a liquid natural gas (LNG) pipeline from coming across Massachusetts.

I have kept up-to-date on Twitter in between life’s pleasant journeys about the pipelines.  Please check my tweets @FayeAlkiewicz for articles. And feel free to follow me, if not already doing so. I do receive daily Seeking Alpha emails specifically on KMI, KMP and EPB. An easy find. Currently, they are down 36 cents, up 21 cents and down 12 cents respectively.  It seems they’re not doing well.

The variety of guests seems to be well-presented for interested attendees.  I definitely want to sit in on some of the panels. Unfortunately, I missed the lunch sign-up. Note, I couldn’t help but notice the typo for Mayor Martin of Greenfield on their web site. (An occupational hazard.)

Anyways, I did some research on Secretary Sullivan and found the 14-page pdf  I am curious what he will declare. I’m quite interested about page 11, under the Theme “Sustainable Economic Development.”

More will be revealed, I must slumber to be on time. Happy reading and more later.


Montague Residents, Company Reps Spar Over Proposed Pipeline

Montague Residents, Company Reps Spar Over Proposed Pipeline

Mr. Henry Epp wrote this. Might I add how there was standing room only with a second room downstairs in Town Hall where they could see the live feed. There had to have been over 80 people.

My husband is shown under the Exit sign. He stood on a chair to video than audio tape for me on his iPhone. I stood in front of him taking notes.

I look forward to the video posted on when they post it.

Protect the Waters

This past week has been like a month. I don’t know where to begin. Time is short, I shall try to be succinct. 

Grateful for my family to have been capable to get through it. Living by my late Mother’s philosophy, “Pick your battles Kid,” and my dad’s frequent comment, “Handle it, Handle it.” I must persevere. I am not alone.

Tonight shall be a testament to what Kinder Morgan, parent company of Tennessee Gas Pipeline, plans for the Town of Montague. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the attachment for the meeting’s agenda. I shall need to be early for a seat.   

I dread that our lame duck governor will accept KM’s funding for the Commonwealth and by-pass its great citizens’ wishes. My emails to senators have not be returned. 

My husband and I saw the Mass. Wildlife land bulldozed last week. The atrocity of a mammoth machine that ate up the trees and ground up the earth hurt our hearts. 

The waters need to be protected. Our children need not have a war over water as we have endured for decades killings over oil.  If we don’t watch over the fresh waters, the oceans, the ponds; what will we drink?

It is bad enough fishermen has lost their livelihood in the Gulf Stream of Mexico due to the BP Oil spill. It is bad enough foods are genetically modified by Montasato since the Creator’s natural pollinators are dying off by the 1000s.  

I did get to see in our travels eight wind turbines! They were quite beautiful in an odd way. I recall how my aunt of Vt. shared that wind turbines can soon become like telephone poles. They’re there and you just look past them as an accepted part of the landscape. 

Hopefully, my daughter’s ultimate frisbee team will win today and the sun will shine and my future house will be all that I have dreamed about. Be well. 


“As a writer, i…

“As a writer, it’s disheartening to write books that you pour your soul into and not have them distributed widely enough to find their audience.”
Sylvia Day

I would change the word books to writing. Ms. Day is a Japanese-American best selling author.