I am glad to know people are reading my blog. Please note that I will move over to fayealkiewicz.weebly.com by Tax Day, 4/15/2014. I have plenty of news to share.
I wish I could find a great media org. to be paid for this intense work. (Hint hint)

Happy First Day of Spring too! Slush is not what I wanted to wake up to.

Please take a seat to get comfortable to digest the following I have discovered. I want to be succinct. I will happily answer any questions, comments for you.

Driving home from carpool, yesterday (3/19/14), I heard on Rock 102 FM the interview with newly appointed MGM president Michael Mathis. He is in his forties, married, moving to the Springfield area soon, earned degrees from Dartmouth College and G.W.U. Law Center, well-traveled and seems personable.

He mentioned in Mike Mathis of MGM interviewed by Bax & Obrien, Rock 102.1 how there is the economic development of the casino, $800 million with the pipeline of $2.2 billion!

Mathis mentioned how Mayor Domenic Sarno of Springfield, MA; Chief Development Officer of Springfield Kevin Kennedy; Congressman Richard Neal and he were at an undisclosed event the night before.

I was unable to track Mathis’ email at MGM, though did register on their fab web site, and found him on LinkedIn with a photograph.

I did scour the City of Springfield web site for any events listed from March 18th and only found the Public Safety Sub-Committee meeting with March Board of Commissioners meeting posted. Neither agendas noted MGM or Mathis for attending. Therefore, I cannot confirm their cause, output for said gathering.

My next step was to email Congressman Neal. This is what I sent.

Good morning,

I wanted to ask you Congressman Neal about the event you attended with MGM Pres. Mathis, Kevin Kennedy and Mayor Sarno of Springfield this past week. I heard Mathis’ interview on Rock 102.1 fm, 3/19/14, how you were together.

My purpose of trying to discover what the event was is I have been unable to find press on it nor can I get Mathis’ email to directly ask him what the event was. Mathis mentioned on air how the economic development in the area is $2.2 bn for the pipeline with the casino’s $800 million.

I believe, Congressman, it vital that the citizens of Mass. realize how the state gov’t seems to be accepting this amount of money from the pipeline.

I respectfully request an answer that disputes or confirms Mathis’ comment please. I have already contacted Chair Pacheco and team of Senate Committee of Global Warming and Climate Change, Sen. Rosenberg of Amherst, TFWD Superintendant, EPA Director Jacobs, Dr. Foster of HU, Dr. Robert Harriss, Sect. Sullivan Jr. and UMass Amherst Dr. Patterson III.

I am a freelance trained journalist and resident of Montague. I look forward to your response about what the event was you four attended with a confirmation/denial of the economic development in Mass. will or will not occur.

Thank you for your time.~F.A.A.

It seems the secrets are among us of Mass.! And I believe that we have a right to know.

Note, Dr. Patterson denied assistance for personal reasons. Dr. Foster said he would look into it. I’ve already posted upon Sen. Rosenberg and the Senate Committee on Global Warming and Climate Change never responded.

I did find last night in-between emailing town members, this pdf that was startling, Methane Gas Leaks and the U.S. Natural Gas Value Chain .

Dr. Robert Harriss of Boulder, Colo. wrote amazing info. on page five of his pdf. I,of course, emailed him and Harriss’ response by 8:07 p.m. last night was:

I hope you did not get the impression that I was suggesting that the list of infrastructures were all leaking methane. Certainly, most of the oil and gas facilities and pipelines are not leaking.

My point in page 5 was to illustrate the very large numbers and spatial scales of oil and gas infrastructure components. There is no adequate funding to measure or monitor every well, tank, pipeline, etc. Thus, the statistical data on fugitive leaks from natural gas are estimates typical based on a relatively small number of measurements. I was definitely not suggesting that all of the technology components in the list were leaking.

Most current researchers hypothesize that “super-emitters” dominate fugitive methane leakage. There are several studies that have found that a very few old or poorly maintained technology components may dominate the overall leakage.

This is “super-emitter” or “super-failing” concept is an issue with many technologies.


It does not seem a dog-owner, long-time educated professional, affiliated with reputable organizations, i.e. Environmental Defense Fund of Boulder and The National Center for Atmospheric Research along with being a former Distinguished Fellow of HARC, should have written this to me.

I feel his scientist caliber got away with him and I am deeply disappointed. It
seems I hit a nerve and a nerve that like fibromyalgia, causes impaired peripheral sensory nerve damage.  

I also went to Montague Town Hall Assessor’s Office and got two maps of what the NLS Group surveyor, Joseph Gigliotti took from them on Feb. 12th. My fantastic husband fixed it for me before I could send it out to my concerned peers. (I can email them out to others upon request.)

I have heard the next Montague Select Board meeting will be on April 7th at 7 p.m. and TGP is on the agenda.

Reminder there is the No Fracked Gas in Mass organization available on-line. A
ListServ is in the works and one can easily get involved with them.

If you noticed on my Twitter page, @FayeAlkiewicz, I’ve tweeted many articles upon LNG pipelines. Feel free to contact me there or at falkiewicz@outlook.com

Enjoy the day! It’s been unbelievable! .


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