Cannot win in Montague

Multi-billion dollar company, Kinder Morgan, Inc. of Houston, Texas submitted an FRS Facility Detail Report on Feb. 21, 2014 on behalf of Tennessee Gas Pipeline Co. to the EPA.

It’s registry id no. is 110000838292. The different addresses listed were rather disturbing for they are already settled in the NorthEast region. The Parent Owner, I discovered, is Colorado Interstate Gas Company, LLC (also part of Kinder Morgan). It’s phone number I found on to be 713-420-2600.

The Regulatory Contact is Mr. William J. Ludemann at 457 Burrows Road, W. Winfield, N.Y. 13491 with phone number 315-822-6312.

The two different Facility Mailing Addresses posted were either Road #1, 3447 Sentinel Heights Road, Lafayette, N.Y. 13084 or the same address without Road #1 with phone number 315-492-9441.

And the Owner is listed in Texas as we already know KM is located in Houston, Texas.

Nevertheless, Kinder Morgan posted the “NorthEast Expansion Project Open Season” with contacts: Mr. Curtis Cole and Ms. Becky Mack of 713 area code while their Media Contact is Mr. Richard Wheatley at 713-420-6828.  Along with Kinder Morgan’s “Open Season” surveys will be posted from Feb. 13th to March 28, 2014.

I find it to be “switch-and-bait” or a shell game (follow the ball and pick where it went while I move three cups around). This wealthy corporation is seeming to beat the typical American in diversion tactics.

And I write this as I am still confused by article written by Mike Jackson of The Montague Reporter, Feb. 13, 2014 edition. Jackson wrote a Mr. Joseph Gigliotti of NorthEast Land Services to survey lands, yet he cannot be found. The J.G. that I found on LinkedIn was of N.Y., Pa. area. The NELS was not found either.

Therefore, I ask that Montague residents stay vigilant and not allow surveys to be done. Share via phone, email or in person. TGP cannot win in Montague.


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