One interview

Today, I was fortunate to interview a government official (with 10+ years of experience) that wanted our discussion, OTR (off the record).?! I made a connection, a start, I opened the door for future dialogues. However, my years of writing, my formal training and my zest for being a journalist have burst out, similarly to the fictional journalist:

"Clark Kent" played by Christopher Reeve

.                                who then became…

"Superman" played by Christopher Reeve

“Superman” played by Christopher Reeve

Anyways, my news for Friday, Feb. 21 is I was given a strong recommendation that Montague residents need to meet with Water Dept. Superintendant Mike Brown to discuss the 5-W’s.  Since I was reminded, public servants work for us, the taxpayers, I believe it would behoove our unofficial though strong determined group to meet with him. I never did get a response from them via email. (See my Feb. 15, 2014 post.)

I did hear during our 20-min. chat that Water Operators are his/her Heros. We get to drink clear, clean water because of people like Brown.  And I want to meet with him because I do not want to have brown water come out of our facuets, in our pipes. That could happen if TGP gets their way.


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