Update: Four emails sent out

Updated: Tues., Feb. 18. I received two response emails so far. My husband has all the confidence I can continue advocating for our town. I am have other news I can’t share until I’s are dotted and T’s crossed.  I am grateful to be acknowledged and being part of the bigger picture. I plan on speaking with Ms. Jacobs on Friday.

I have been busy writing emails to government officials today. I gave my identifying information to each. The following are posted verbatim.  Please give feedback and/or send them out too while attributing my work.

The first email went out to Turners Falls Water Department of Turners Falls, Mass. after reading the town corkboard. It’s automatic response, acknowledged my email I sent them with copy of what I wrote. I wrote:

Thanks for contacting Turners Falls Water Department! We’ll be in touch shortly.
Here’s the information you provided:
To Whom it May Concern, Please do not accept Kinder Morgan-Tennessee Gas Pipeline to survey the local water sources of Montague. We cannot have a repeat tragedy of the Jan. 9, 2014 Charleston, W.Virginia water contamination via pipeline. If this pipeline goes through, around, in our water source, it would be a big mistake that we cannot afford. I am available for an interview or for more information if needed. Thank you for your time.

The second email I wrote was to Congressman Stanley C. Rosenberg (D) of Amherst, Mass.  He is Majority Leader of the 188th General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Congressman Rosenberg, 

Please pay attention to the horrendous problem Montague is enduring. Tennessee Gas Pipeline (subsidiary of Kinder Morgan Inc.) is trying to survey our water now that they were denied land survey by the Montague select board. I have already tweeted to you, Senator Warren and Senator Markey about this matter. People on the town corkboard have mentioned they have spoken with you in person about this matter also. You recently spoke with my daughter at Four Rivers Charter Public School when you & others shared about politics. My friend Julie Ringwood of Greenfield speaks highly of you. I don’t know you per se though follow you on FB and Twitter. I need your voice to represent your constituents of western Mass. We cannot accept TGP to survey and work in our commonwealth. Thank you for your time.

Senator Rosenberg wrote on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014 at 4:09 p.m. this response:

Thanks for the message. Local legislators are researching the project and the process to understand it in greater detail and to understand what roles local and state government can and will play in this situation. Appreciate knowing of your concerns about it.


Sent from my iPad. Please forgive typos, unusual auto-corrections, or grammatical errors.

Senator Stan Rosenberg
(617) 722-1532
Twitter: @senstan

The third email went to Secretary Richard K. Sullivan Jr.  His job description from Mass.gov is:

Secretary Richard K. Sullivan Jr. oversees the Commonwealth’s six environmental, natural resource and energy regulatory agencies: the Departments of Environmental Protection, Public Utilities, Energy Resources, Conservation & Recreation, Agriculture, and Fish & Game. He also serves as Chairman of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, the Energy Facilities Siting Board, and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

And what I wrote to him was:

Dear Mr. Secretary,
Please do not accept Kinder Morgan Inc. subsidiary, Tennessee Gas Pipeline, to conduct a survey in Western Mass. I live in Montague and attended last week’s town select board meeting.  TGP requested to the town they conduct a land survey in Millers Falls. The representative never showed and the select board denied permission. I now understand that they approached the Turners Falls Water Dept. to survey one of our ponds instead.
I have already sent an email out to TFWD requesting they do not accept the survey. I write to you to also discover, deny and use your jurisdiction to stop TGP from coming into Mass. please.
We cannot afford to have a water contamination crisis as Charleston, W. Va. is currently enduring. For TGP to survey our beautiful land & waters, it will become destroyed. Matter of fact, it would become an atrocity. We only have one earth, no replacement, no “get out of jail free card” like the Hasbro game, “Monopoly,” has.
Next, it seems that there’s a problem in our government. I read the posted final 2014 budget that the Commonwealth’s implementation of Public Law 93-52, Federal Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, is only a million and a half dollars while the Office of EEA has $4.8 million budgeted while DCR has $23.3 million and DEP has $36.9 million in revenue. Meanwhile, the commonwealth’s 12 sheriff offices to run efficiently will receive over 348 million dollars. (A mere 281.5 million dollar difference.)
Therefore, I implore you to further investigate how you can protect our waters, our land and ultimately the people of Mass. with a low-budget. TGP is bad for the commonwealth and I believe you have the power to stop them. Thank you for your time.
The last email I wrote went to Ms. Kira Jacobs of the John W. McCormack Building in Boston. Her expertise is State source water programs for Region 1 of the EPA. It contains personal information I don’t usually share. It said:
Dear Ms. Jacobs,
Greetings from Western Mass. I write to you today to ask for your expertise and skill to stop Tennessee Gas Pipeline (a subsidiary of Kinder Morgan Inc.) from conducting a water survey on one of our ponds. Earlier this year, TGP requested to conduct a survey for a parcel of land in Millers Falls with the board of selectman of Montague. They were denied and never appeared before them. Now TGP seems to be using a back door by surveying the water.
I am new to activism work, though have always been an activist in some form or another. I do know the government is slow to change, slow to vote, etc.  I also know, my Canadian Inuk voice, mother of a brilliant N.T.S. teenager, daughter of a former Hanscom Air Force Base engineer and late college professor, daughter-in-law to a late Holocaust survivor, wife of Christopher with two bachelor degrees can begin change.
My fears are that we, citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, will have a water contamination problem via pipelines similar to what residents around Charleston, W. Va. are currently enduring. Along with that uneducated, unknowing residents will allow a rather simple survey done and regret it later. We cannot afford drought, water pollution nor loss of.
I have been taught the philosophy of “For the Next Seven Generations.” It is where adults now need to do whatever they can for the future generations. For example, my biological Inuk grandfather survived the relocation move from Hebron, Labrador to Hopedale, Labrador. My biological Inuk mother survived the Canadian boarding school she was sentenced to. I have survived domestic violence. However, my biological Inuk aunt died on the streets drunk. My biological Inuk brother is missing since the 80s.
Therefore, my daughter, fourth generation, knows in her heart how her relatives have lost land, lost language, lost life, lost to addiction & it cannot be continued. My daughter is currently doing an I-Search paper on the use of Native American mascots at Four Rivers Charter Public School of Greenfield. I have shown her how to be productive, advocate for and to collaborate with institutions than stay stuck in the problem, i.e. Turners Falls High School has an Indian mascot.
Combined with this knowledge, I request you work within the EPA perimeters and stop LNG pipelines, stop fracking, stop the plethora of pipelines from coming into the NorthEast. We have only one earth, only one chance to live well.
Thank you for your time.
Ms. Jacobs wrote this response on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014 at 3:17 p.m.

Hi Faye,

Thank you for your detailed email.  I appreciate the time you took to write it.I have been out of the office due to the weekend and the holiday.  I have to travel to speak at a meeting in Maine tomorrow.

I would suggest that we speak by phone so I can try to respond to your email in a more personal way (I find email is a challenging way to communicate).

Would it be possible to speak on Thursday or Friday?  Please let me know your phone number and the best time to reach you.


Kira Jacobs


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