Aside: Enjoy the day, night, life

Participating in life with its trials and tribulations,
Living in our apartment for another month,
Dining on grub- the bub prepared for $13.00,
Drinking the elixir of java someone named Andres picked for my consumption,
Wearing the clothes made from the East,
Typing into the software/hardware I am indebted to,
Thinking of my to-do list I prefer to delay,
Hearing the muffler roar down the street,
Listening to the landlord & crew attempt to solve the heating dilemma,
Feeling the freedom to roam, giggle, chortle to my delight,
Seeing the white slush cover the nearby roof tops,
Recalling the super win the Seahawks earned ,
Reading another story to impart my three cents.

I enjoy my day, my night, my life

Yet it wasn’t always that way. I endured monotony, despair, fear for years on end. Not knowing, not believing “the other side” others shared would be here. They were right. And if they were right for me, they’ll be right for you whether it happens overnight or years from now.

I tweet periodically “Life is good” that Needham, Mass. residents Bert Jacobs and John Jacobs co-founded. Their perseverance, determination and college degrees aided to their success. It’s comforting to know John is a UMass Amherst alumna, class of 1990. Therefore, I shall continue to keep the joy, saying “Life is good,” the positive vibes and wearing my old tee.


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