Aside: Chilly out

Brrr, it’s chilly out this side of the NorthEast. Kudos to the Dept.of Public Health workers, working outside, for the safety of US. My dinner is being re-heated so I can type voraciously. The life of a writer! Coffee, ginger ale, oh my! I grin while I huddle next to the Cuori heater our landlord bought for us.

I wrote before that I’d blog next about the birds. This world is for the birds! Similarly, we fly about waiting for when it’s good to land, take off when the wind sends an air of plenty and peck to live another day. The bigger the bird, the better it is to survive. The smaller the wing span, the slower it gets to its next destination. Lastly, staying in flocks leads to better community, fellowship, living amongst the windy, snowy, rainy, humid, sunny days. Sounds very familiar to me.

The Atlantic Branta canadensis a.k.a. Atlantic Canada Goose a.k.a. Niska (in Inuktitut) is a special waterfowl fren to me. One special lady, Mary, said during her husband’s funeral, that the lone goose flew above was her. She was left without her Jack. And from that day til now, I have watched these creatures live well despite our deforestation and our pollution.

Anyways, the world is in flux, on its tilted axis, awaiting tonight’s delivery from our 44th president. And to add further tension, our governor will share his lame-duck State of the Commonwealth address two hours prior to our president.

Perhaps tonight will be what my Fortune Cookie says, “A pleasant surprise is in store for you.”


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