A beautiful new day

A beautiful new day full of new chances.

I am perplexed upon why a republican, Christian, little league coach, Portfolio Manager and follower from Twitter, Byron Donalds of Naples, Fla., messaged me with a link to a March 15, 2013 article, “Natural Law and the Legitimate Authority of the United States” written by David J. Shestokas, Juris Doctor of Fort Myers, Fla. It had two 55-minute SoundCloud audio clips from Constitutionally Speaking with Sam Sewall.

A bit of background information.  Shestokas’ FB account shows he’s practicing law in Fort Myers, Fla. with 2,203 likes. And, at the bottom of his web page he has his current Twitter feed with 34.5K followers. I surmise, Attorney Shestokas is a man I can learn from.

It was most excellent to discover he is working for the people affected by the life-changing, devastating April 20, 2010 Deepwater Horizon BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. He wrote two pieces in May and Aug. 2013 with a contact form added.

Note, I spoke at the 5th Annual Native Symposium at University of Massachusetts Amherst on April 20, 2012 on “Indians in the Oil Spill in the News” after Professor N. Bruce Duthu, Houma, of Dartmouth College.

I digress. Shestokas has made scholarly points within his 15-month old website by Fuller Online Solutions.  His Jan. 20, 2013 post, “The Negro and the Constitution by Martin Luther King, Jr.” informed this reader with new intel. He did have 162 stories published on Suite 101 writings from 2008 to 2012.

I am not an attorney. My aunt Leslie Salter of Mass. is. However, I enjoy a challenge and have tossed around some theories being an investigative reporter. Please note, I am a U.S.M.C.W. (United States Marine Corps Wife) and don’t want to be claimed a traitor or anti-anything. I am happy to write this blog, citing Mr. Shestokas’ article he just re-tweeted today, Feb. 25, 2013, “First Amendment to the Constitution: Freedom of the Press.”  The following three points are of my own opinions. Please feel free to negate and/or accept and/or ruminate about them. I welcome feedback.

1. The Secular, Divine and Historical Natural Laws all assisted in starting this Nation, yet each type of Natural Law has pros and cons. Where US is now is up for debate at any given moment.

2. The Founding Fathers utilized Christian beliefs when they chose to leave England and start anew.

3. That Attorney Shestokas, 62, originally from La Grange, Ill., has worked diligently to be where he is today. He was only 22/23 years old when he was president of his late-father’s company, Shestokas Distributing, Inc. He should be in the Alumni Hall of Fame at Lyons Township High School District 204.

Nevertheless, I searched in Shestokas’ web page for Native Americans and there were only two references in the month of October, 2013. One was about The Third Amendment and the other about Gouveneur Morris & The US Constitution Preamble.

The Third Amendment is “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.”  It is hopeful that my apartment is mine and that intruders are not welcome. I still don’t understand how the Native Americans were involved in this piece.

After I read Shestokas’ piece about Gouverneur Morris, I referenced James A. Henretta’s 2013 Google e-book. Morris was defined as, “a Founding Father of the United States” and “a signatory of the Articles of Confederation” and “has been called the ‘Penman of the Constitution.'” I also discovered, the kids.laws.com web site gave further detail upon Gouverneur Morris that was fabulous.

I recall hearing a wonderful funny Honorary Doctor activist storyteller teacher family man Tom Porter, Mohawk, of New York in Spring 2011 at UMass Amherst. I recall something along the lines of how the Iroquois helped the Founding Fathers’ draft the Constitution by sharing their own traditions and governing laws. If I had time (vs. run off to work in 10 mins., I could find my class notes.)

This is why I found it to be wrong Shestokas only had two pieces in his 15-month old web site with minor details on Native Americans.
They had to have helped shape U.S. history with their wisdom, abilities and kindness.

I did find Porter’s autographed 2008 textbook, And Grandma Said…Iroquois Teachings as passed down through the oral tradition. It is a treasure and full of important information.

Therefore, it seems I must read in-between the lines of why Donalds sent me the link. I do consider it a compliment he sent it to me and a vehicle to further educate myself.

And if you didn’t notice, Fort Myers is Home for Spring Training for the Boston Red Sox! The official 2014 Boston Red Sox season starts when “the annual Spring Training equipment truck departs on Saturday, February 8 from Fenway Park. Pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report on Saturday, February 15, and will hold their first workout on Monday, February 17. Position players report on February 18 with the first full squad workout set   for Thursday, February 20.”

with “The Red Sox will once again hold an Open House at JetBlue Park on Saturday, February 22. The event is scheduled to include a celebration of the 2013 World Series Championship, give fans an opportunity to walk freely around JetBlue Park, and enjoy concessions and entertainment on Fenway South Drive – a street     festival reminiscent of Yawkey Way in Boston. The Open House is open to the public free of charge.” [boston.redsox.mlb.com]


One thought on “A beautiful new day

  1. Thank you for the kind words. I note you posted this piece on my birthday, and it is much appreciated. You did quite a bit of reading about me for this article, and your research was impeccable. The nature of my writing focuses on melding philosophy with American history and government. As yet, issues involving Native Americans have not been part of that. At some point, as I move from the earliest times of the founding, I expect that will change.

    Dave Shestokas

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