Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

Hopefully the Polar Vortex is on its way out.  I am finally able to sit in a warm, cleaner apartment to reminisce about the past couple of weeks.

I watched the temperature gauge drop while en route to work. It was a trip. My car doors were stuck and I had to crawl across the seats in my plethora of winter clothing. I waited for AAA to come and replace my car battery at a low -14 degrees F. I noticed the ice in our parking lot does not like Yokohama tires. The Pendleton blanket, I earned from UMass Amherst C.P.N.A.I.S. graduation in 2012, gave us warmth in our nightly tug-of-war.

The bills will surely succumb to $400.+ from our blasting heat and hot water. It has been worrisome at best.

Nevertheless, I think of the people stuck on reservations in their deplorable, poverty-stricken conditions and the homeless veterans that desperately need help. I think of the birds and animals since they must forage for shelter between the yo-yo temperatures. I think of the linemen that bravely work outside to repair the fallen wires.

Therefore, I must remain grateful and participate in life whether the weather is pleasant or not. I must send out my Xmas thank you notes, eat yummy beef stew and believe the best is yet to come.


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