A time of reflection. A time to mourn. A time to rejoice.

The last day of ’13! Yay!
A time of reflection. A time to mourn. A time to rejoice.
Questions I’ve pondered thus far…

1. What have I learned this year?
That money doesn’t buy happiness. That life is what you make it.     That children only stay home for so long, so teach them well.
That addiction wins unless I give up the fight. That frens (a.k.a.         friends) make life funner. The Red Sox team is still my fave.           That we live in a non-disposable world. That I’m not the only survivor. That taxes, student loans and bills are inevitable. That hands are crucial to working, living, typing, holding coffee cups just to name a few. That I need to reach out more to the Native community; they love me and my family all the time. That music makes my world butter (b/c butter is best).

2. What behaviors do I want to improve upon?
I must give up the control, the fears, the brat-attacks to be serene.  I must be teachable; have an empty cup. I must listen more.

3. What can I do for a successful ’14?
I can: blog daily; pray to my wonderful Creator/God; eat healthy foods not the junk I injest; work hard not hardly work; and laugh         more with my family and frens; pay my debts and save money.

4. What makes me happy?
Writing, being with real folk (not fake s.o.b.’s), being home with family, the Boston Red Sox, and yummy cups of java.

5. Who or what in my life do I cherish?
Pudding (a.k.a. daughter), Husband, fellow UMass Amherst Natives and professors, Scoob & Meri, my greenfield frens, my family I was raised with and my Canadian family I want to meet.  Also, I hold dear to my heart– coffee, trees, the ocean, good books, the Marine Corps and lastly, yummy smooches from Hubby.

6. How will I live better, be better?
I guess by surrounding to Creator/God, asking for help to lose the false pride/ego, and being part of the community whether it be at work, at home, in society,  Also, it seems, if I continue my craft, my degree will be for something. I have to R.T.F.M. as my professor taught me in Journo 301. I can’t stand idly by and not be the writer God made me.

By waving goodbye to 2013, we gained fans in Heaven. The world lost the first black president of S.Africa, Nelson Mandela.
Mr. Charlie Hill, a fabulous Oneida comedian. A 90-year-old Navajo Code Talker named Wilfred Billey. Karen Lupin. Bicycle Bob. I don’t know when I’ll ever get over the loss of  Dr. Alice I. Salter. (She told me to start blogging back in ’08 when I saw Grandma-ma for the last time.)

Anyways, I rejoice at what I do have. Husband is home from his hiatus. We celebrated our one year anniversary at a lovely B & B in Vermont. We moved to an upscale apartment with hardwood floors, 11 windows, beautiful paintings, gas stove versus the drug-addled sick apt. we survived in. I have a newer car with help from M.A.P.  Pudding is thriving at her charter school with real frens. I’ve kept my sense of humor. Another clean bill of health from D.F.C.I. doctor. A hat wall with my celebratory Red Sox 2013 World Series Champions pin and lid.  Clothes and dishes to clean.

For that and more, I bid adieu. My goal is to blog daily for a butter tomorrow. Be well.


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